Why are classic cars always presented standing stationary?
Cars were made to be driven and the powerful emotions evoked by them are most effectively portrayed by showing them in motion – doing what they were built to do. WEEKEND HEROES produces bespoke high-quality films of classic cars.

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  • K101

    Customized to perfection

    The K101 project is a collaboration between the Munich based customizers Impuls and the artist Fabian Gatermann. We followed them around for a year and documented the rebuilding of this bike from scratch.

    The K101 is based on a 80’s BMW K100, a motorcycle mostly known for its comfort, reliability and sturdiness. Back then the design of Hans Muth was ahead of its time, even too far ahead for most people due to its rectangular design. Back then Motorcycles were predominantly round, had no fairing – the K was the exact opposite. It was to the BMW boxer motorcycles what the transaxle Porsches were to the 911. The engine concept was bought from PSA Peugeot, basically a car engine flipped 90° to the left and reworked by BMW to fit in a motorcycle. Japanese bikes started using four cylinder engines in the early 70’s and were very soon dominating the motorcycle market. BMW had a hard time selling their boxer engine motorcycles that were basically a refined pre war technology that just could not match the Japanese motorcycles’ stats on paper. With it’s full fairing, the 4 cylinder engine, high torque and nearly 100 bhp the K100 was BMW’s last desperate hope to catch up with the Japanese competition and they succeeded. The K100 became immensely popular and was driven mostly by older people looking for comfort, protection from nature’s forces and reliability. 

    Impuls had a different vision of this bike. No suitcases, no windshields, no heated grips, no ABS, no comfort. Stripped down to the absolute necessities of a motorcycle the K101 still reflects the key design elements of the original K100 with a modern interpretation that is emphasized by the art of Fabian Gatermann.
    With the raw essentials of the BMW exposed, especially the engine which haters never got tired calling “the flying brick”, all that remains is a beautiful piece of machinery.

    Fabian Gatermann created a 3D model of the motorcycle and calculated the polygons. Through manual iteration he then drew the polygons back onto the motorcycle with ink.


    A childhood dream

    There are treasures to be found in dusty attics.... and on the road.


    1976 Championship winning Alfasud Trofeo

    An old man finds the car of his childhood dreams in an abandoned shed. This is his recollection of the days when the Trofeo Alfasud was at its pinnacle with Fillipo Niccolini behind the wheel, showcasing the Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1300 Ti in all its glory.
    Produced by Weekend Heroes and Hey You! Films

  • The Perfect Weekend Heroes Trio

    Enjoying a day at the lake

    We decided to join three of our inventory's icons on a trip to the lake. To us, this is what a perfect day with classics should look like... but see for yourself. Filmed at Starnbergersee near Munich.

  • Lamborghini Miura P400 S

    2 Lamborghini from the 1970ies on a trip at the lakeside

    Driving the Grand Tourer to the cottage, and taking the sportscar on a little trip to explore the surroundings. 2 Lamborghini from the same time, similiar in many aspects – but then again completely different. From our portfolio we chose a 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 S - the first supercar ever build - a car that came straight from the future and a 1972 Lamborghini Espada Series II.

  • 1981 BMW M1 and 1985 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe/1

    2 BMWs travelling the Alps

    Escaping the grey and depressing city before snow, ice and salt cage our beloved toys for months. The toys from our portfolio are the 1981 BMW M1 and the 1985 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe/1. The goal lies some miles down in the south of Munich, right in the Alps!

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Through his past as professional athlete, the founder of WEEKEND HEROES has decades of experience in the production of action sport films. Through this, he has an excellent international network of filmers, drone filmers, editors, sound designers and music producers. We combine this expertise with our passion and knowledge for classic cars to produce unique films that capture the style and quality of each car.


We use the most innovative and aesthetic filming techniques that best showcase the unique character of each classic car. For example, professional drone shots are fundamental components of our films and we are able to incorporate thrilling engine sounds through advanced audio recording. We offer full service film production packages from location scouting and story board to final colour proofing. All aspects of the production process are supplied by WEEKEND HEROES.

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A sale through WEEKEND HEROES benefits from our innovative and state-of-the-art marketing approach. We also specialise in discreet sales within our network of international clients and guarantee transparent and reliable handlings at all time.

Are you looking for that special classic car, yet cannot monitor the market 24/7? Our network and our experience in searching for rare collector cars will help you find the one you are seeking. Moreover, our scouting service includes objective condition reports.

Monitoring the latest market changes and seeking future potentials is our daily business and passion. We are happy to provide expert advice on which classic car best suits your personal preferences. The optimisation and augmentation of existing collections is also one of our specialties.

Why are classic cars always presented standing stationary? Cars were made to be driven and the powerful emotions evoked by them are most effectively portrayed by showing them in motion – doing what they were built to do. WEEKEND HEROES produces bespoke high-quality films of classic cars.

We have been into classic car photography for many years. In order to achieve the highest quality for our portfolio shoots, we have build our own permanent photo studio in Munich. We offer professional studio shootings for your collector car.


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