We are very pleased to offer an extremely special Porsche 993 Turbo S for sale.

This example is the factory homologation and press car for the 993 Turbo S.
The Porsche factory registered the car „S-MN 1906“ about six months before the actual production of the RDW Turbo S model, of which just 160 examples were built. All works pictures show this vehicle and it is famously pictured on the 993 Turbo S brochure as well as in the factory press kit. It is also featured in dozens of Porsche books.

The car is arctic silver with special order „weinrot“ (dark red) leather. Typical for Turbo S model, most of the interior is covered in leather down to the smallest knobs and details. The vehicle is accident-free and has a total mileage of 120,250 km.

Since the sale by the Porsche factory in September 1998, the Turbo S has had just one registered German owner and is still on the first original German title. The service history is fully documented and extremely extensive. In the last 22 years, the car has received a total of 17 services at official Porsche dealers, all of which are stamped in the original service book. Furthermore, the TÜV reports are also available. The Turbo S is accompanied by all books, tools and original accessories.

This car represents the unique opportunity to buy a true piece of Porsche history.
We are happy to show you the Turbo S personally by appointment.

Service history:

18.03.1998 20.503 Service
09.04.1999 35.126 Service
03.08.1999 40.009 Service
05.04.2000 50.550 TÜV
12.10.2000 55.882 Service
27.09.2001 59.534 Service
03.04.2002 60.577 TÜV
03.07.2003 71.580 Service
25.03.2004 76.201 Service/TÜV
13.04.2005 80.479 Service
15.05.2006 87.011 Service/TÜV
16.05.2007 93.700 Service
10.12.2007 101.692 Service
04.03.2008 106.915 TÜV
13.08.2009 109.900 Service
16.04.2010 111.110 TÜV
20.09.2011 114.1.92 Service
16.05.2012 117.037 TÜV
06.11.2012 117.734 Service
25.10.2013 118.986 Service
17.10.2014 119.982 Service/TÜV
20.09.2018 120.151 Service
09.09.2020 120.211 Service


  • P.O.A.
  • Two owners from new
  • Special order interior in "Weinrot"
  • Fully documented
  • First title
  • 17 services at Porsche


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