We are delighted to offer a true little gem of Italian racing history:

The 1976 Trofeo Alfasud championship winning Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti 1300

The official Alfasud Trofeo was started by Alfa Romeo in 1976. During the previous year, an Austrian race series specifically for Alfasuds initiated by ex-driver Johannes Ortner had gained huge popularity.

The basis for the Trofeo was the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti 1300. A prescribed Autodelta kit was used to make it race-ready. The kit included wheel arch extensions, a large rear spoiler, modified coil springs and shock absorbers as well as a set of Campagnolo alloy wheels. Additionally, two Weber 44 IDF carburettors and a racing exhaust were fitted, the latter ending just under the door, thus reducing exhaust counter pressure. A roll cage, bucket seat and fire extiguisher were part of the kit as well.

The modified engine had an output of 115 hp at 6500 rpm, as opposed to the 79 hp in the regular Alfasud Ti. The Trofeo cars had to weight a minimum of 800 kg including all safety equipment and were able to reach a top speed of 200 kph.

The Trofeo Alfasud was the ideal proving and training ground for up-and-coming race drivers. The most famous driver emerging from the Trofeo Alfasud was Gerhard Berger, who went on to race Formula 1.

With equal equipment, the races were fought hard and it really came down to the driver’s talent.

The first edition of the Italian Trofeo Alfasud in 1976 was dominated by a young driver from Florence, Filippo Niccolini. His Alfasud - the car we are offering for sale - was entered by S.C.A.R. Autostrada Firenze. He took 5 outright wins and 3 podiums out of a total of 11 championship races.

His victories were achieved at Mugello, Varano, Vallelunga, Misano and Monza. The car was instantly recognisable by the blue triangle on the right fender. Niccolini won the championship with 64 points over 2nd placed Claudio Pizzi at 35 points.

In the summer of 76, a charity race was organized at Varano, favouring the victims of the 1975 Friuli earthquake. The Trofeo drivers were paired with Formula 1 stars in this „Corsa di Friuli“ and shared the wheel of their Alfasuds with them. Our car was driven by Filippo Niccolini and famous Lotus driver Ronnie Peterson. Niccolini won his race, but an accident during Peterson’s race stopped the team from taking the victory. Niccolini also raced his Alfasud in the 1976 Giro d’Italia.

Niccolini’s Alfasud has been rediscovered in 2003 by an Italian enthusiast, Mr. De Rossi. The car was in need of restoration but came with all its Trofeo components. De Rossi meticulously researched the car’s history and uncovered the original blue paint of niccolini’s trademark triangle under layers of other paint. The original S.C.A.R. livery from 76 is still present on parts of the car’s roof. Alfa Romeo confirmed, that this chassis had been delivered to SCAR Autostrada in early 1976. The car was rebuilt to the original specification and appearance. FIA and CSAI passports were issued and Mr. De Rossi frequently campaigned the Alfasud in historic races between 2004 and 2011. The car was then acquired by a German collector who occasionally used the Alfasud during track days.

The car comes with a huge dossier full of period photos, FIA and CSAI passports, the letter from Alfa Romeo, a personal note and original pictures from Filippo Niccolini, race trophies, a big book showcasing the car’s racing history, original spare parts catalogue and workbook, homologation documents, restoration photos, magazine coverage and much more.

This is a fantastic and rare opportunity to acquire a real piece of racing history.


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