By introducing the Kadett Rallye in 1966, Opel was the true pioneer of the „GTI class“: in 1966, ten years before the introduction Golf GTI, the Rallye Kadett brought an affordable performance version of a small production car to the people.

You don't need to be an Opel freak or have strong brand loyalty to lose your heart to the Kadett B Rallye. The slim shape, the reliable technology and the high utility make it a very appealing car. More importantly of course, the handling is very nimble and agile. 

Back in the days, careless third and fourth owners trashed these cars around and caused the vast majority of Kadett Rallye to be on the verge of having to be scrapped after just 10 years. Of course, the high proneness to rust took a significant toll as well.

In the last three decades of the old millennium, there was no active collector's scene for youngtimer cars. And nobody thought an Opel Kadett was worth preserving.

Because of that, there are basically no Kadett Rallye remaining in good unrestored condition.

The 1967 Kadett B Rallye we offer is an extremely rare first series example.

The car was first registered in Verden/Germany on April 28, 1967 and remained in one family ownership until 1990. In 1987, the first owner competed in the Roland rally with the car. The original first title and the original service book are present. In 1990 the Kadett was deregistered and spent the next 35 years displayed in the showroom of an Opel dealership. This allowed for the car to survive in a very beautiful, unrestored condition. 
In 2015 the Kadett was acquired by a collector and brought back to life. The car drives perfectly and needs nothing.
It is fitted with a desirable vintage Halda tripmaster.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a first series Kadett Rallye Coupe in a unique state of preservation.



  • Original title and service book
  • Unrestored example
  • Very nice original condition
  • Price: 35.000 Euro


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