In December 1965, the Hertz Car Rental Company ordered 1,000 Shelby GT350s from Shelby American. The „H“ was added to the model designation in order to identify the Hertz cars. These GT350H became known as “rent-a-racers” and would frequently be seen at local racetracks. It is rumored that enthusiasts would rent the cars long enough to swap out the desirable Shelby engine and replace it with their Mustang engine before returning the rental car to Hertz. Whether the cars lost their original engines while owned by Hertz or during the following 50-plus years, it is a fact that many of these cars no longer have their original blocks. The “Rent-a-Racer” Program was a huge success for its time, but eventually came to an end after the pattern of vehicle repair expenses became too high.

The GT350H we are offering here is one of the few still retaining its original engine block.
The car was invoiced to Hertz Car California on 18th of April 1966 and sent for pre-delivery inspection at Hi Performance Motors el Segundo, CA on April 25th.
It was then shiped to Cutter Ford North Hollywood. The GT350H remained in California until it was purchased by Jerry Dick of Stoneboro, PA in 1969.
Dick kept the car for five years before selling it in December 1974 to fellow Pennsylvanian Jim Neyman of Grove City with 44.000 miles on the clock. Neyman cherished the car for 14 years, repainting it in its original black/gold color and rebuilding the original engine, various documents of which are on file. Neyman confirms he only drove the car 1000 miles during all of his ownership as „it was just too nice to drive“. He sold the car to Adriens de Bie of Sprang-Capelle in the Netherlands in May 1988, who kept the car for four years and subsequently sold it to Rob De Beek of Nieuw-Yennep. After 11 years with Mr. De Beek, the car came into the possession of Rudi Gielen from Belgium in April 2003 displaying 54.700 miles. The next owner, Roald van Reusel of Lille, Belgium acquired the GT350H in July 2013 and registered it „9 GTH 350“. Today the car is part of an extensive German collection, where it has been kept in fully running condition at all time. The recorded mileage is 57850 miles and the GT350H is presented in beautiful condition with light patina. Several „Paint O.K.“ marks are still present on the body. The automatic transmission has been replaced with a correct 5-speed manual.

The car comes with an extensive file including a copy of the original invoice, pre-delivery work order, Shelby serial number verification, original manual as well as various invoices and documents dating back to the late 70s.

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  • Price: 140.000 Euro


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