Weekend Heroes

The Story

WEEKEND HEROES was born out of a lifelong passion for classic cars. Using that passion and dedication, we provide cars and services of the very highest quality.

The classic cars that we handle are unique and we strive to present them in the impeccable manner that they deserve. This demanding goal is met by co-operation with talented creative professionals who are experts in their individual fields and share our enthusiasm and love for classic cars. 

WEEKEND HEROES is an international business with studio headquarters and garages based in Munich, Germany. We attend the premium car fairs and auctions around the world.

Christophe Schmidt

Weekend Heroes was founded by former professional snowboarder Christophe Schmidt. In addition to participating in two Olympic Games, his sports career provided him with expertise in film production and an international network of experts in this segment. His career also gave him the funds to start collecting classic cars at a very young age. Over time, his fascination for classic cars has grown into the tremendous passion that it is today. Christophe decided to turn that passion into his profession and, as a result, WEEKEND HEROES was born.

Maximilian Schmidt

Maximilian studied international management in Austria and law in Germany. Following a period as a solicitor, he currently works as a lawyer in Munich. Max and Christophe are from the same family and have an especially strong connection through their shared passion for classic cars, which is why Max decided to become part of Weekend Heroes. With his flare and talent in design and aesthetics, he is heavily involved in the visual presentation of WEEKEND HEROES.